About BizCare
BizCare was founded by veteran healthcare industry consultants to provide actionable solutions to the many management issues challenging healthcare organizations in Korea at all levels from neighborhood clinics to private hospital chains to the leading non-profit hospital foundations. We serve clients from the private healthcare sector, the non-profit hospital and medical research sector, government organizations, and the medical equipment, medical device and pharma sectors.
The BizCare Proprietary Data Bank
In partnership with our related company TaxCare, which has long had the largest healthcare specialty tax accounting and consulting practice in Korea with more than one thousand hospital and clinic clients, BizCare maintains its unique data bank for the healthcare industry in Korea, including financial data, HR and personnel data, regulatory compliance, real time market data, and best practices process statistics.

BizCare makes frequent use of its proprietary data bank in performing its work for hospitals and clinics, medical equipment and device companies, and private investors.

Examples of recent engagements:
1. Renovation of operations and management processes for a rapidly growing private network hospital company.
2. Direct investment entry into new foreign markets for Korean private medical service providers.
3. Restructuring and consolidation of clinic-based healthcare professional manpower services and clinic-based medical consumables distribution services.
4. Due diligence and business analysis and modeling for foreign private investment funds investing into the Korea healthcare market.
5. Medical device manufacturer diversifying into hospital and clinic consulting services.
6. Step-by-step consulting guidance to doctors establishing their own clinics and guidance on managing their practice and clinic operations profitably.
7. Customer service training and customer service process improvement consulting for private hospital and large general hospitals.
8. Training for pharmaceutical company sales teams.
Our founder
Justin Suchul Kim founded BizCare after long experience at Elio & Company, where he specialized in performance evaluation for hospitals and medical service providers. Prior to Elio, he was a consultant at Korea Research serving global clients such as Samsung Electronics, Nokia and CJ Lion. Mr. Kim is a graduate of Seoul National University School of Management and also earned his MBA degree from SNU. He then received a Masters in Applied Statistics from Penn State University. Mr. Kim is an adjunct professor at Kyunghee University where he teaches courses on hospital and clinic accounting and financial management. He has published a book on tax accounting and financial management for hospitals and clinics and is a frequent speaker at healthcare industry meetings in Korea. Mr. Kim is a contributing columnist for Health Chosun, Tax and Finance News, and MediFoNews.